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All money raised through the sales of the coffee will cover the initial costs of supply. Any surplus will be given away to projects that Soul Action support. You can check those out at www.soulaction.org.


Soul Action Coffee

Coffee is brilliant, right? Well this coffee is even better – not only is it premium, gourmet quality but it is coffee that counts for more. It is ethically sourced, sustainably grown, directly traded with the farmers that grow it and has a very short supply chain. But there is one more thing you should know – this coffee is guaranteed to be #SlaveFree. Nowhere in the process of this coffee being grown, picked, roasted, ground or delivered to you is there anyone working in slavery – everyone is paid a fair wage.

This means that, when you drink this coffee, you are drinking beautiful-tasting coffee, at a fair price for everyone involved. Sounds good right?

227g of Ground coffee