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Patrick draws on his own experience of suffering to ask: Where is God in the pain? Things were going horribly wrong. Patrick's three children all faced serious health problems. His dad got cancer. He and his wife Diane lost a baby. When Patrick faced a series of excruciating operations to his knees, he realized his faith had been shaken. Patrick had always been a leader, a fixer, someone who made things happen. Feeling vulnerable, he started blogging and speaking openly. The response startled him, as people embraced his honesty. What Patrick has learned is to be fully present, moment by moment, so he can see what God is doing and allow himself to be seen in turn. He shows us how to emerge from our coping mechanisms, to stop pretending when we are running on empty, to see that in the dark times, someone is still holding on to us. "Our emotional well-being is as important as our physical," says Patrick. "I hope this book will help those going through tough challenges, so they can hear that quiet voice that says, 'Let's try again tomorrow.'"

When Faith Gets Shaken

Patrick Regan with Liza Hoeksma