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People are concerned over biblical literacy today. Even among those who are trying to follow God, there are thousands of especially young people who don't know how to read the Bible. They don't know where to begin, they don't understand what's in it and they are intimidated by it. Mike Pilavachi and Andy Croft address this head on by exploring the main themes of the Bible - covenant, kingdom, salvation, presence, worship, and Jesus - so that they can provide keys to unlock understanding. The result is an exciting journey into the Big Pictures of Scripture. On the way they uncover more about the Person the Scriptures point to. Also included is a summary of the Bible and how it came to us. As Mike & Crofty say, 'We hope the book we've written will make a massive impact on your life; we know that it has deeply affected ours! C

Storylines: Tracing the Threads of the Bible

Andy Croft & Mike Pilavachi

The Bible is a big book, and it can be confusing if we jump around its pages without knowing the bigger picture... Or pictures... Covenant... Kingdom... Salvation... Presence... Worship and Jesus Christ


Ministry Theme

Going Deeper