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Everyday Supernatural Small Group Guide

Mike Pilavachi & Andy Croft

Everyday Supernatural is a book, by Mike Pilavachi and Andy Croft, that explores how we can live Spirit-led lives and this small group guide is designed to work alongside the book to help you engage with the teaching and encourage one another to take steps of faith and put the teaching into practice. The idea is to journey as a committed community, sharing and growing together, and making speace for God to meet with you as you spend time with each other. 

There is a flexible reading plan covering between six and nine sessions, each with questions for discussions and ideas for how to put things into practice during the week. Plus there's additional material on how to lead a Spirit-led small group and how to lead a ministry time. So all you need is a group of friends who are up for taking some risks and you're ready to go!


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Holy Spirit

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